LOLdplay of the day

Chris: I made a list of all the important stuff I've learned! 
Will: What is written there, Guy?
Guy: Amongst others: "Always deny Will's blatant baldness to make him feel special" ... 
Jonny: You're so incredibly nice 

Chris: Arrrrrr I really need to pee!
Will: Guy! Stop shooting pictures during interviews, that very unpolite!
Guy: Sorry, but this girl is way too HAWT.
Jonny: Yep, it's better to be not so close to Chris, otherwise I'd be all over him.

Chris: I can't hold it any longer!! 
Will: GUY! 
Guy: Only one more pic!
Jonny: *senses Chris feeling uncomfortable*

Will: Lord, finally! 
Guy: Stop bitching about it, 'kay? 
Jonny: Chris, everything okay? 
Chris: : Not anymore